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Game Changer!

Enjoy visual freedom through Laser Vision Correction

If you’d like to experience life without wearing contacts or glasses, then Laser Vision Correction may be a game changer for you! At Hobart Eye Surgeons, we help restore your natural vision to its optimal level so you can live more freely.

Laser Vision Correction uses laser to reshape the curve of the cornea, correcting your poor vision. It is done as day surgery with only local anaesthetic and there is little or no postoperative pain. We offer a range of Laser Vision Correction procedures including Femto-LASIK, Streamlight PRK, Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (CXL), Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) and Intraocular Lens (IOL) that cover a range of conditions.

Hobart Eye Surgeons Laser Vision Correction is conducted by our highly experienced surgeons Dr Paul McCartney and Dr Robin Abell, who are trusted experts with a proven track record of success.

In your free assessment we carefully assess your condition, your lifestyle (including sports and hobbies), your eligibility, and overall eye health. We then recommend the treatment that best suits you individually.


To be eligible for Laser Vision Correction procedures, you must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have had stable vision for at least 12 months
  • Not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Not have diseases of the cornea or retina
  • Be generally in good health
  • Your lifestyle, glasses and contact lens history and overall eye health are also other factors that can influence your eligibility.

At Hobart Eye Surgeons, we offer complimentary, obligation-free assessments to ascertain your best treatment plan. If we deem one procedure unsuitable, we will discuss other options with you that may be more appropriate.

Hobart Eye Surgeons Laser Vision Correction is conducted by our highly experienced surgeons Dr Paul McCartney and Dr Robin Abell, who are trusted experts with a proven track record of success.

Dr Paul McCartney

Clinical Associate Professor, MBBS, FRANZCO, FRACS, FRCOPHTH (UK)

Dr McCartney graduated in Medicine from the University of Tasmania in 1983 and trained in ophthalmology at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney under Professor Fred Hollows. Before starting Hobart Eye Surgeons, he thoroughly researched, studied, and trained in Australia and internationally, cultivating a strong clinical interest in cataract, corneal and refractive surgery.

Dr Robin Abell

BMedSci, MBBS (Hons), MMed, FRANZCO

Dr Robin Abell graduated from the University of Tasmania with First Class Honours before undertaking a Masters of Medicine in Ophthalmic Sciences at the University of Sydney. He completed his Ophthalmology training at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, specialising in Cornea and Refractive Surgery. He returns to Melbourne once a month as a visiting specialist at the Cornea Clinic at the Eye and Ear Hospital.

Laser Vision Correction is performed at our Hobart branch – 182 Argyle Street, Hobart TAS

The procedure itself takes about twenty minutes; however, we like you to come in early so we can prepare you for the operation.

Arrange for someone to bring you in for your appointment as you won’t be able to drive yourself home afterwards.

Before your operation we put in some anaesthetic eye drops. We might also give you a mild sedative to help you relax.

You lie down on a bed in the treatment room with your head underneath a microscope. We clean and sterilise the area around your eyes. Your eyelids are held open and a suction ring is put on to hold the eye steady. This is slightly uncomfortable but not painful. We talk to you throughout the procedure to let you know what’s happening.

A thin flap is cut from the surface of the eye and held back while a laser reshapes the cornea. The flap is then repositioned and it sticks back into place without any stitches.
After the procedure we put some more drops in and tape some clear plastic shields over your eyes for protection. Your eyes might feel gritty and irritated for a few hours after the operation and we ask you to go home and rest with your eyes shut to give them a good chance to heal.

You’ll come in to see us the next morning – with the eye shields still in place – and we’ll give you an eye test, tell you how to care for your eyes in the few weeks after surgery and make a follow up appointment.

In most cases patients have excellent vision the day after laser vision correction surgery.

We’re passionate about your long-term visual happiness, so we have accessible and flexible payment options to help you achieve your optimal vision as soon as possible. We offer third-party financing options that allow you to settle the payment through a personalised monthly amount that fits your specific needs. Please ask us for further information.

Whilst there is no cover available from Medicare for Laser Vision Correction, some health insurance companies offer a rebate. To find out if yours does, contact your health fund directly.

Most standard Laser Vision Correction procedures start at around $3600 per eye, and once the most appropriate treatment is recommended for you, a quote will be provided at your complimentary, obligation-free assessment.


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