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Your First Appointment

Before you see your specialist we’ll ask you to fill in some paperwork and we’ll do some preliminary tests on your eyes. Please expect to be here for up to two hours. It is likely that you will not be here for that long, however depending on the number and type of tests required, two hours may be needed.

If you can’t keep your appointment, please try to give us at least 24 hours notice.

What to bring

  • Your referral (you’ll need this to claim your full refund from Medicare)
  • Your most recent glasses
  • Medicare, pension and/or DVA cards
  • A list of current medications (or bring them with you)
  • Sunglasses, which will help reduce the glare after the use of dilating drops
  • Diabetic patients should bring some suitable food (you could be here for around two hours)

Please do not drive!

To examine your eyes properly we might need to enlarge your pupils with special eye drops. We strongly recommend that you do not drive after your appointment; arrange a lift if you can, or at least allow 40 minutes extra for the drops’ effects to wear off. It can take up to three hours for eyes to completely return to normal.

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