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Dry Eye Treatment

What is “Dry Eye”?

Dry Eye now affects more than 20% of the Australian population, especially people over the age of 45. This condition occurs when your eyes don’t produce enough watery tears, or the Meibomian oil glands in the eyelids are not functioning properly. Hobart Eye Surgeons now offer the newest IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, which is designed to relieve the symptoms of Dry Eye.

What are the symptoms?

  • Scratchy, sore eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Paradox of watery eyes (because the eyes try to cry to make themselves moist)

How the treatment works

The cutting-edge IPL system emits high-intensity light over a broad spectrum. Unique filters limit the wavelengths for Dry Eye treatments. This is a specific IPL device to treat Meibomian gland dysfunction, a major contribution to Dry Eye condition (unstable tear film).

The Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia has approved the innovative treatment, which indicates evidence of its safety and effectiveness. A recent study undertaken at the Department of Ophthalmology at Auckland University, NZ, found that 86% of participants noted that their symptoms had reduced by the 45th day of treatment.

For optimum results, four therapeutic treatments are recommended on days 1, 14, 45 and 75. Our surgeons are professionally trained to evaluate suitability for treatment.

To find out more about Dry Eye treatment available to you or to book an assessment, phone us on 6210 6000.

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